Welcome to my musical world!

My birth name is Naama, but Tinka is my stage name and it represents me as a creative singer. I chose the name Tinka as a connotation of Tinkerbell from Peter Pan. When I’m Tinka – I can be anything.

Here you can listen to my songs (I write in English and Hebrew) and through them discover many things about me, and maybe about yourself as well. My songs are a glimpse of who I am, and who I am is many different things. I think we all contain many different parts within us and all of these parts deserve a place and love.

Some of my songs might make you sad, some you might identify with, and some might make you smile.
Whatever it is, I hope my music touches you in such a way that it makes you feel good to listen to it!

And if you liked it, I’d love for you to share it with other people.

Album – Butterflies