I move the kettle, here they are
I move the radio and they run
they are everywhere
this is so unfair
I’m only 15, still a child
I shouldn’t live with bugs
in my shirt, I swear
they are everywhere

Yeah, I know it’s difficult
but we’re the kids
and you the adult
I just don’t know what to do
you know that we depend on you
Please don’t let your demons in
that is how it all begins
I’m in fear, the same as you
Let’s hold hands until we’re through

Let’s hold hands mom
let’s hold hands mom
I’m not mad, I’m just a bit sad
from these things, let’s be together
in this story, I will help you
just let me get over my own fears
and self-hate, it will be great
I promise…

I know you did everything you could
if you could make it different you would
but there are a thousand bugs
in our house and you are
miserable, but so are we
I know it’s hard to be
when you hate yourself
There’s a big one on the shelf

Lyrics and music: Tinka
Produced by: Yossi Peretz – Bialik Music Studio