My first album is finally out
and every day I want to shout
My soul to anybody who can hear
I’m exposed with all my fear
I’m not so brave or strong
I’m just willing to be wrong
It’s much harder not to know
if I could have made my dreams glow

My first song came out o.k
I will not forget this day
I was shaking inside my bones
While recording all the tones
I said I am a God
While I was feeling like a fraud
I faked it, sometimes I still do
and that’s o.k, you can do it too

Butterflies inside my head
honestly I’m so afraid
butterflies inside my gut
and this is all I really got
butterflies from life itself
I learned to trust myself
with my divinity and shame
I’m giving you who I really am

Lyrics and music: Tinka
Produced by: Yossi Peretz – Bialik Music Studio