I turn the key and open the door
take a deep breath, I know he’s
lying there on the floor
feel a contraction in my core
I know he won’t call my name
and I won’t visit anymore

Dad, could you hear me crying?
Did you see me lying
there beside you on the floor
I talked to you but you ignored
Dad, I know it’s too late
but I still need your hug
While I lean against your head
I look at you and know you’re dead

These walls have been through so much pain
I can hear them screaming,
who can grow up here and still be sane?
Wish I could heal your fear and shame
but only you could help yourself
and now you’re gone, you left the game

Dad, could you see me crying…

I know you’re dead
I know you’re dead
I feel relieved but also sad
Can you see me?
Do you feel scared?
I hope you’re fine, I love you Dad

Lyrics and music: Tinka
Produced by: Yossi Peretz – Bialik Music Studio