She is Fearless

She is fearless
and I am jealous
I am jealous of her
Her eyes are blue and so careless
she doesn’t care what
anyone thinks of her

I can sing
I can write great songs
why do I have this heavy
stone on my tongue?
What makes me so
different from her?
my reflection looks
so blurry and unsure
I’m so afraid of who I can be
I’m choosing silence
Instead of being free

She is fearless
and I’m still jealous
but I also learned a thing or two
my journey leaves me breathless
my fears seem endless
but my power too

I can sing
I can write great songs
one day I won’t have this heavy
stone on my tongue
You may hear my voice now
it doesn’t mean I am fine
I’m just teaching myself
to draw my own line
As long as I’m afraid of what I can be
I’ll choose my prison
instead of being free

One day I’ll get there
I’m drawing my goal
I’ll open my cell
so you can see my true soul

Lyrics and music: Massive Attack
Performed by: Tinka
Produced by: Yossi Peretz – Bialik Music Studio