Wish I Knew

Can’t sleep, I sit quietly
my legs crossed, by myself
on the floor
Won’t close my eyes, I see faces
I’d better just
stare at the door

Will I ever feel safe
will I feel like I’m home
is there a place
where I won’t be in fear
Will you hug me
will you run your hand
through my hair
will you whisper nice words in my ear

Night after night I’m awake
hearing voices
and holding my breath
I still don’t know my true self
so I’m looking outside
for my strength

Will I…

Wish I knew me then
I wish I knew me then
I wish I knew what’s inside of me
how strong I am
I wish I knew then
what I know now
my dear child
you’ve always been
what you’ve become
you can be proud
of what you’ve done

Lyrics and music: Tinka
Produced by: Yossi Peretz – Bialik Music Studio